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 Weekly competition rules

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Weekly competition rules Empty
PostSubject: Weekly competition rules   Weekly competition rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 11, 2010 7:46 pm

1st No cheating is allowed, which mean no one is suppose to steal custom parts that has been brushed by other artist, only by written permission.
2nd. Post before the deadline, no artwork will be post after the given period of time, the one who does it will be disqualified only if there is an arangement between the two choppers.
3rd. No voting by itself, only members that didn't participate in the competition can vote.
4th and last one. Respect your opponent and give your best at chooping and good luck to you all.

Note: For now the winner of the weekly competition will get a pack of car donors or a free special tutorial about virtual tuning. When we are at the top of this forum we are going to be given to the winner a free t-shirt with our own logo. Go out there experiment and have fun. Very Happy
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Weekly competition rules
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